Installation Options

Solid Floor Construction (Red Floor Panel or Staple)

  • For new build properties or complete renovations.
  • Premium floor plate clipping system ensures uniform pipe centres and 
    speed of installation.
  • Pipe installed in a spiral configuration ensures the minimum pipe 
    bending radius is achieved.

Overlay Low Profile Retro Fit (Traditional / Heavy Duty)

18mm low profile panel / 12mm pipe that fits over an existing floor – ideal for renovation / single room / full house refurbishment / new build projects.

The structural nature of this product make it ideal for tiling or floor finished that need to be fixed to the panel itself.

Overlay LITE Low Profile

18mm low profile panel / 12mm pipe also to install over an existing floor / lightweight product with advantages for larger floor areas and lightweight floor coverings such as laminate and engineered wood.

Overlay LITE 15

Deeper profile 22mm panel / 15mm pipe ideal for larger rooms and whole house projects (do not stock – do we include – I think so as this would not normally be ordered without a design / very much not an off the shelf product).

Suspended floor Systems (DHSP)

Aluminium double heat spreader plates between joist system designed to ensure an even spread of heat across a finished floor surface – no floor build up / insulate below to ensure no downward heat loss.

Also available in a fit from below panel system.


The underfloor heating can be flexible to your requirement. We can offer advice on the most suitable system for you and also the range of hard wired / radio frequency and smart plus premium room thermostat ranges.

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Polypipe UFH is suitable with the following flooring:


The nature and thickness of your chosen carpet are fundamental to the impact of your underfloor heating. The underlay should have low thermal resistance. Felt underlay is not advised as it may block the heat making it inefficient. Your carpets should ideally be hessian backed to enhance the performance of your Polypipe heating system. The temperature of your floor should never exceed 27°C. Typically the carpet and under­lay should not have a combined tog rating in excess of 2.5.

Stone & Tiles

Natural stone is a perfect accompaniment to underfloor heating. Stone, reconstituted stone flags, marble and slate are all suitable. Their high thermal mass makes them excellent conductors. Ceramic, terracotta and porcelain tiles are also compatible with UFH. Just like stone, they hold excellent thermal properties. Tiles need to be laid with a high-quality flexible tile adhesive and grout. In many cases, an uncoupling membrane needs to be used to allow for movement.


Solid wood, engineered wood and laminate can also be used with Polypipe underfloor heating. Using dense wood will provide you with the best thermal conductivity. However, it is important to take care when choosing wooden flooring as softwood may block the heat rather than transferring it. We would recommend your wooden flooring to be no thicker than 18mm.


Vinyl flooring can be sensitive to long-term exposure to heat. However, our wet Polypipe UFH is compatible with Vinyl. We would recommend that the floor temperature does not exceed 27°C

We also offer options for refurbishment and retrofit systems via the Overlay / Overlay LITE applications. These systems are particularly useful for projects with limited floor heights or where traditional UFH systems would require expansive excavation.

Most systems are compatible with heat sources to include standard gas and oil boilers, plus lower temperature heat sources such as air source and ground source heat pumps.

E. Tupling & Son are happy to offer technical advice and guidance on any installation. We can also carry out site visits to advise further on your project. To find out how our team can help you contact us today on 0161 776 0077.

We have dealt with Tim Whitehead of E Tupling & Son for several years. His customer service and product knowledge on Polypipe Underfloor Heating Systems is second to none. Tim’s attention to detail is faultless and his attitude is almost of a bygone era, when customer care actually meant something. It’s a pity that there aren’t more reps out there like Tim – our job would certainly be a lot easier!

Steve Carr

M. Markovitz Ltd, Leek

I had the pleasure of using E Tupling & Son to provide my UFH project at home. After much anticipation we decided to jump in feet first and install the ground floor whilst living in! My knowledge on under floor heating was close to nothing and I can only praise the professional advice, support and constant channels of communication we received. The products have been admired by our contractors as top quality and I would recommend the company to anyone. Hope to deal with you in the future.

Richard Newlands


The design service you provided was excellent and you answered all my queries regarding the UFH system prior to placing the order. All our requirements and design changes were met and the product delivered promptly. The data sheets and drawings provided made installation a lot simpler than expected. Once installed and tested we used the anhydrous liquid and the UFH turned on and tested as per specification. We are at present completing the final floor coverings after which the system will be in full use.

Kishore Kapoor


Staff have great knowledge and service pleasure to deal with great product and efficient delivery.

JC Quirk Ltd


We have had a long and successful partnership with E. Tupling & Son. They provide a first class service in the planning and supply of Polyplumb underfloor heating systems.

Boro Heating & Plumbing Supplies


I contacted Tim at E Tupling when I was in the process of re-modelling our home in Altrincham. Tim helped us design the underfloor heating system for the ground floor, designing and providing layout drawings for our builder. He explained how underfloor heating works and helped us optimise the heating zones across the house. Dealing with E Tupling was simple and straightforward with all parts arriving on time and no delivery issues. Tim was on hand to answer any questions we had and guided our builder during the installation. I’m now looking forward to a warm winter underfoot, as is our new dog!

Chris Reed

Home Owner

We as a company cannot under estimate the service giving to us by E. Tupling & Son. Ltd.  Whether it is a standard order for Polypipe/Polyplumb or Tim’s excellent advice and design on an underfloor heating system, the service can only be described as first class. The telephone staff and delivery drivers are all of the highest standard.  Home Heating have dealt with Tuplings as a company since 1987, and I personally since 1972 and would fully support them in the future.

Dave Bamber

Home Heating & Plumbing Supplies Ltd.

Tim at E Tupling & Son has helped us out as a business to understand UFH. We fitted our first system just over a year ago and he advised us every step of the way. Since then we’ve installed a number of systems With Tim’s help every time. He comes out to site and talks with the customer with a professional approach and discusses the design. Upon installation all materials arrive promptly with detailed notes on installing and commissioning. A great team!!

Joe Proctor


Tuplings were recommended to me by Polypipe about a decade ago now when we were planning our first underfloor heating project.  Tim quickly earned our trust.  He has always delivered on his promises and on price.  We are now onto our 3rd house refurbishment and always pick up.

Howard Scott

End User

We had underfloor heating put in for our kitchen and lounge area. From the initial conversation with Tim through to the installation and after service – the whole process has been excellent and we would highly recommend E.Tupling & Son.

Tim made us feel very confident we were getting the right product for our requirements and we are glad we opted to go with his recommendations. They even followed up with post-install calls to make sure we were happy with the product, excellent service.

Andrew Ince

Home owner / End User

An excellent service received after struggling to find anyone who could rectify the issue left by the builder due to the differing floor levels. E Tupling detailed options for my particular project and addressed issues that other potential suppliers had walked away from. Underfloor heating was supplied at a competitive price and with fab service all round.

It was good to have a company with a good knowledge of UFH. Many plumbers are still “scared”, lacking the experience and know-how surrounding it’s installation and use.

Overall very happy with the service levels from start to finish and would thoroughly recommend.

Sian Robinson

Home Owner

E Tupling did a great job of planning the underfloor heating for my new build.

I was so impressed with their technical knowledge. I am now extending my house and I am using their service once more.

Chris Crutchley


I have been using the services of E Tupling over the last 5+ years since we started to be asked to fit underfloor heating on a regular basis as part of our overall building projects. As it was initially a new product to our services I found the support and technical advice they provided invaluable to help my team learn how to install the underfloor heating systems. This, alongside a competitive pricing and a reliable delivery service is why I would strongly recommend this company.

Mark Aldred

Premier construction

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