What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

  • Looking to the future: As we all strive to live in a more sustainable and greener environment and legislation pushes towards carbon net zero. New build and retrofit projects will need to embrace renewable heat source options. Renewable heat is easier to produce efficiently at lower water temperatures. Professionally installed UFH requires lower water temperatures than traditional heat sources and is best suited to renewable energy.
  • Low running costs: Once installed, UFH is very energy efficient – around 30% more efficient than radiators. 45% more efficient when run from a renewable source heat pump. It uses lower temperatures and covers a much larger surface area of the room. UFH can help you save energy and save you money on monthly bills.
  • Comfort levels: Warm water underfloor heating (UFH) gives a more comfortable and natural warmth than radiators. Where radiators heat the air by convection, drawing cold air across the floor and up to the ceiling, UFH produces radiant warmth. The entire floor is heated so warmth is released evenly – no cold spots, stuffiness or draughts. You also get a lovely warm floor.
  • Design freedom: UFH systems are invisible, as they’re hidden below the floor, making them ideal for open plan living. UFH frees up wall and floor space, providing greater options for interior design.
  • Control: Ability to control UFH with smart technology, 3G, 4G or WIFI connection enables control via an app on android or iPhone / laptop or tablet so heating systems can be controlled remotely and with additional simplicity. All rooms / zones can be controlled separately.
  • Safety and health: The gentle heat and low humidity creates a kinder environment for furniture and the circulation of dust and mites is reduced, making the air cleaner and less allergenic. UFH is ideal for allergy sufferers as well as the elderly and children as there are no exposed hot or sharp surfaces.


Is my home suitable for an underfloor heating system?

Whatever the age, size or construction of your property, there is every chance that it is suitable for underfloor heating (UFH). Whether you’re project is a new build, an extension, or renovating an existing home, we will design your UFH to be a perfect fit. We can also assess your opportunity to install an air source heat pump subject to provision of information on the insulation values of your property.

Is UFH expensive to install?

Well insulated properties will conserve energy and save money by using UFH, even more so when a renewable energy source, such as a ground or air source heat pump, is the primary heat source.

Can UFH be installed over an existing floor?

Yes. UFH can be retrofitted, depending on build heights and floor construction. Please contact us with any further queries: we’ll be able to recommend the best installation methods for your project.

Will I need a special boiler?

No. UFH works with a standard gas boiler, just as a radiator/central heating system does. The Kilowatt demand from UFH is lower than the requirement of radiators.

Will the floor be too warm for my feet?

No. Due to the efficiency of UFH the floor temperature is low. Energy efficiency ensures UFH systems don’t lose as much heat and therefore don’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm. In contrast, radiators can get too hot to touch, this is not the case with UFH.

How is underfloor heating installed – do I need to dig up my floor?

No! For new builds and extensions, fitting the pipework into a layer of screed in the new floor as it is laid is a popular choice. We can help you with the entire UFH installation process. All of our UFH systems have been designed with a simple installation in mind.

Can I only use UFH with a tiled or solid floor?

UFH can be installed with tiles / ceramics / natural stone / wood laminate / engineered wooden board / solid wood / vinyl and carpet. All common floor coverings are compatible, although certain provisions have to be put in place for vinyls and carpets (see next question).

Are carpets suitable for underfloor heating?

Both water and electric UFH can be used under carpet, but the combined tog rating of the carpet and underlay can be no more than 2.5. Otherwise, it will act as an insulator and stop sufficient heat reaching the room. Using carpet is feasible as long as the tog value (including the underlay) doesn’t exceed 2.5 and ideally is less than 1.5. Felt and rubber underlay may be less efficient than waffle-backed foam underlay.

Does UFH react too slowly? 

UFH can be programmed to fit your lifestyle and the system can “learn” when to start to ensure that the room is at your desired temperature at a given time in the day. UFH systems used this way are very responsive and far more economical to run.

Can I use UFH in just one room?

Yes, UFH single room packs are ideal solutions for this type of installation.

Can you install it upstairs?

The variety of UFH systems for several different floor types ensures that in most cases an option is available to install UFH to the first floor. In turn this can provide vital additional wall space for all your bedroom furniture and bathroom fittings which is an important consideration.

Can rooms be individually controlled with Underfloor Heating?

Yes. This is achieved by having a separate thermostatic zone within each room. This allows total control over your heating and temperatures within the individual rooms.

Water or electric – which types of underfloor heating are best?

With warm water UFH systems, heated water is pumped around the property via a series of pipes embedded in the floor. Warm water systems are ideally suited to larger properties or those with lower levels of insulation due to their higher heat output. These systems can be paired with renewables such as an air or ground source heat pump.

Electric UFH consists of cables which are laid over the floor deck. These systems and kits are perfect for installation in small areas like bathrooms. They heat up quickly, but don’t retain the heat as well as warm water UFH.



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