Meet Our Managing Director Tim

With over 10 years of experience with E. Tupling, Tim's passion, ambition and commitment to the job has helped successfully transition the company from being a single supplier distributor to a multi-supplier distributor who operates throughout the Northern Region.

“Success should be measured by achievement. Not in terms of financial success but in terms of honest and respectful relationships, continuous improvement and sustainability.”

E. Tupling's core values of trust and reliability align themselves perfectly to one of their key objectives; deliver in a timely manner and consistently provide the highest level of support to plumbers and builders merchants.

Unlike many other distributors, Tim and his team have the technical knowledge to provide you with quality products together with first class customer service. Backed up by volume stock levels E. Tupling offers specialist support to plumbing and building merchant partners.

“We have very carefully selected the supplier's brands that we represent to ensure the stock that we carry and the products that we distribute are aligned to our values. Our products are strong market-leading brands that are high in quality, wide in range and competitively priced.”

As E. Tupling expands from a small family business to a medium-sized enterprise, Tim is determined for the company to remain true to its core family traditional values.

So we asked Tim what motivates him to achieve success in both his personal and professional life and what key factors he believes will help him to achieve it: “There is always something more to achieve and that is what motivates me. There is always something you can do better than you did last time. My parents have given me a pathway in life and a direction to head in. They taught me from a young age what is right and wrong. They gave me an idea of what I could achieve with the right attitude towards people and the right attitude to life.”

“We have been very gradual with how we have built the business. I think because we have taken a very attentive approach to what we have been doing and not tried to do everything immediately we have now got ourselves into a position where we can grow and we can change and we can offer our service over a bigger geographical area.”

“My longer-term motivations for success, are making sure that I can provide my children with a secure footing financially and personally. My family are the greatest thing to ever happen to me.”

As the managing director, Tim focuses on ensuring E. Tupling retains their reputation for being a caring, local and reliable distributor to the plumbing and heating industry. Founded in 1966 by Tim's grandfather the company has gone from strength to strength.

If you are a plumbers or builders merchant who is interested in working alongside E. Tupling with any of your Above and Below Ground Plastic requirements and/or Underfloor Heating contact our team today on 0161 776 0077 or email us at

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