Installation of Underfloor Heating in a 16th Century Listed Property

Ivy Cottage is an award-winning 16th century listed cottage located in the Peak District National Park. The owner of the property was looking to install an underfloor heating system, however, the entire project had to adhere to the English Heritage directives strict guidelines and therefore clear and consistent lines of communication had to be open at all times.

Background Info:

E.Tupling were approached by one of their merchant partners seeking expertise on a bespoke underfloor heating system. This unique installation was being directed by English Heritage which meant that all the work being carried out had to follow strict requirements and therefore demanded a specialist supplier with the required knowledge and experience to consult on the project.

The Requirements: A Bespoke Underfloor Heating Solution

Our merchant partner was looking for an experienced underfloor heating supplier to liaise with both the contractor and the property owner on the best underfloor heating solution for this particular property. There were many challenges to overcome including insulation type, clipping systems, pipe size and specification.

The Solution: Solid Floor Construction With a Breathable Crushed Glass Insulation

After an initial consultation and a site visit, E.Tupling liaised with a range of different suppliers on behalf of their merchant partner in order to fulfil this client's unique brief.

Due to the strict requirements surrounding this underfloor heating project, traditional building methods could not be followed. Therefore, E.Tupling utilised their industry knowledge to develop a bespoke solution that followed English Heritage guidelines and allowed the numerous contractors to carry out the work without compromising on their preferred products.

All parties agreed that the installation of the underfloor heating system should be done by solid floor construction with a limecrete 90-100mm depth screed. As English Heritage required the entire floor insulation to be breathable, E.Tupling sourced an egrid mesh to ensure a permeable floor through the complete floor build.

Detailed project design plans were provided to our merchant by Maincor along with a 16mm MLCP overlap welded aluminium multilayer,100% barrier composite pipe as requested by the installer. The design of the underfloor heating system also allows for an air source heat pump to replace the current oil boiler in future years.

For more information on how you can become a merchant partner or for any advice and guidance on your underfloor heating project contact our team today on 0161 776 0077 or email us at

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