UFH is expensive to install (MYTH)

Few UFH suppliers would deny that UFH is almost always going to be more expensive to install than a standard radiator central heating system. However home owners will normally assess the ‘full package’. The materials themselves are designed to save time (and therefore money) during installation. Furthermore, underfloor heating is more energy efficient than most types of heating, given the right circumstances. Well insulated, properties will conserve energy and save money by using underfloor heating, even more so when a renewable energy source, such as a ground source heat pump, is the primary heat source.

Does UFH work?
Will I need a special boiler?
Will the floor be too warm for my feet?
Can I only use UFH with a tiled or solid floor?
It doesn't work with carpets - MYTH
You cannot control individual room temperatures - MYTH
UFH reacts too slowly - MYTH
Can I use UFH in just one room?
You can't install it upstairs - MYTH

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