Corporate Sustainability

Commitment To Our Carbon Footprint

E. Tupling are committed to continous improvement in all areas of the business, including Corporate Sustainability.  We care about the environment and have made huge changes in order to reduce waste, increase recycling, and generally explore new initiatives in order to constantly reduce our carbon footprint.  Here are some of the ways we have driven change to aspire to a cleaner, kinder future for our planet:

Recycling - We recycle 100% of all paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, batteries, cans, tins and glass used here on the premises - even the canteen has recycling stations. Our confidential waste is also shredded and recycled.

Reduce & Re-use Paper - We have reduced our paper usage to date by 35% by hosting our terms & conditions online, converting to electronic invoices and documents. We also re-use all non confidential waste paper as scrap notepads.

Packaging - We are gradually phasing out most of our plastic packaging and tapes. We will substitute them with a recycled alternative, for example paper tape, sugarcane shrink wrap, paper bags, and cardboard bubble wrap.

Energy Efficiencies - We have installed LED lighting throughout the premises both indoor and externally, we have also supplied every member of staff with a material face mask & branded snood to help eliminate plastic face mask waste.

Environment - We are launching a brand-new Tree Planting initiative, for every tree we use in paper, we will plant a tree as part of our commitment to carbon offsetting within the UK. Every ream of paper uses 5% of an average tree, we will track our paper ordering and for every 20 reams we use, which is an average tree, we will plant a new sapling in the UK. We have also invested in specialised office plants which absorb radiation from technology and omits heightened oxygen levels into the office atmosphere.

This is just the start of our eco-journey, we will be looking to expand on this wherever possible, and we also aspire to work in synergy with our manufacturers and customers in order to maximise sustainability throughout the entire product supply chain; from creation, through packaging, delivery, installation, and end of life recycling.

          SMALL CHANGES TO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!                                                            

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